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Why do we practice Yoga?

The body and the mind are in a state of constant interaction. The teachings of yoga do not dictate where the body ends and the mind should begin but approaches both as a single, integrated entity. The key is to integrate the two together.
Our nerves function as the medium between the physiological body and the psychological body. Yoga possesses the unique ability to calm the nerves. Therefore, the practice of yoga has a holistic impact of relaxing the body and calming the mind.

Practicing Yoga has several health benefits:

  • Help Chronic Disorders -Individuals suffering from hypertension and stress can find relief in the calm relaxation and meditation that practicing yoga offers. Stress is a leading cause of hypertension and yoga has been shown to be a simple way to reduce levels of stress. As you asanas with slow and deliberate focus, it has been shown to help improve hormone levels and help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by improving your mood and shifting your focus.
  • Sleep Soundly – Some studies suggest that making yoga a part of your weekly exercise routine can help regulate hormone levels that affect your inner clock and sleep cycles. This means longer periods of sleep at night and more restful and beneficial sleep.
  • Mental Balance – It takes patience and practice to master yoga. This is one of the big tenants of yoga that appeals to people the most and it helps teach patience and perseverance. These are things that everyone can use in any part of their life and can be applied to any aspect of life. Meditation is an integral part of practicing yoga and has been shown to be helpful in bringing the body back in line and to help regulate bodily function.
  • Hormones – Many important hormone levels can be balanced through meditation and yoga practices, and this, in turn, helps regulate bodily functions and mental process that rely on these hormones. Staying focused is also one of the most important core tenants of proper yoga and meditation practice, and this can serve you well in just about all other areas of your life- especially at work and school.
  • Improve Energy Levels – Tap into your body’s natural chakra flow and see how easy it can be to revitalize yourself quickly and easily
  • Increase Confidence – Meditation and yoga can help improve self-esteem and build confidence. With the practice of Yoga, we continue to explore your edge and challenge ourselves by venturing into different poses. Discovering how you can guide your body to move and bend into different asanas can boost your confidence and motivate you to try out other new and exciting things in life.

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Individual Therapy
Individual therapy consists of one-on-one meetings between the therapist and client.

Couples & Family Therapy
Therapy to treat relational distress whether it be between couples or within a family unit.

Telemental Health
This therapy uses technology to provide mental health services from a distance.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
An intervention for traumatic stress, which incorporates yoga principles and practices.

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