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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a state of inward attention and focused concentration. It is often referred to as trance or as an altered state of consciousness. When the mind is concentrated and focused, people are better able to tap into and utilize their inner resources, to make personal changes, and learn how to better govern their own lives. Everyone has experienced hypnosis or trance, although it may not be referred to by that name. If you’ve ever been absorbed in thought, reading a book or watching TV, and failed to hear someone talking to you—-you were in a trance-like state. Clinical hypnosis is different only to the extent that you will be experiencing it with the guidance of your Hypnotherapist, rather than spontaneously.

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used in various ways. The use of guided mental imagery can be very powerful in the hypnotic or trance-like state of mind. The mind responds to imagery to assist in bringing about personal changes and desired outcomes. Clinical hypnotherapy can also be used to explore underlying motivations for emotional or behavioral difficulties. Hypnosis allows the individual to be in a relaxed and concentrated state of mind where suggestions can take a stronger hold. Hypnotherapy provides a safe and secure state of mind to examine the roots of problems and explore promising alternatives. The Hypnotherapist can then help the client select from the alternatives and make healthier choices.

Mental health applications include but are not limited to: Addictions; anxiety; phobia; stress management; post-traumatic stress; depression; sports performance; smoking cessation; weight management; sleep disorders; stress related high blood pressure; self-image; sexual dysfunctions; concentration, test anxiety; interpersonal communications; fitness; marriage and family issues; undesirable behaviors and habits; abuse.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis

Clinical hypnotherapy can be utilized successfully for a variety of mental health and medical issues. Some people are more receptive to achieve a trance-like state whereas others may need repeated sessions to reach the levels of hypnosis necessary for effective hypnotherapy. Like any other therapeutic modality, hypnotherapy is most effective when the client is motivated to change. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that hypnotherapy, can benefit some people more than others.

My Personal Theory of Therapy

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Individual Therapy
Individual therapy consists of one-on-one meetings between the therapist and client.

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Therapy to treat relational distress whether it be between couples or within a family unit.

Telemental Health
This therapy uses technology to provide mental health services from a distance.

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
An intervention for traumatic stress, which incorporates yoga principles and practices.

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